2nd Era

The Second Era is a more commonly known era of heroes and villains, it is considered the start of the civilized times however some could be fooled by the characters that formed the great times that preceded the 2nd Era

Some of the most famous heroes of the second Era was Volgar the wind-walker, a barbarian who was a known accomplice of a more famous warrior, Marwin the ender an archer who learned that the world did not revolve around gold. Part of the great prophesy (The World Eater) he negated what should have been and used his skills to free people from numerian the warlocks power

Notable Things to happen

  • Valkriyne Empire is formed
  • Numerian killed
  • The Ascension
  • Assassins guild formed
  • Purple Dragons formed
  • Giants attempt mass invasion
  • Discovery of the precursor

2nd Era

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