1st Era


Dragons run rampant, not much is know of this era as it was a long time ago, the heroes of this time are not often remembered but the repercussions of the dragon wars is still felt today. This mainly is known for the evil mage numen who horded magical items and tried to reach an omnipotent level of magic use

Some story’s remembered by modern heroes and peasants alike are that of Frankie 10 fingers the most infamous rouge to have ever walked valkiyra and commonly revered as the founder of the thieves guild

Notable things to happen

  • Formation of thieves guild
  • Dragon wars
  • Paladins of Pelor cease to exist
  • The storm isles betray the alliance and habour The Enemy
  • Elves decide to colonize the south continent
  • Sakharan Empire is formed in the deep south

1st Era

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