The underdark and the amber heart prophisised by dragons … Tempered by magic … Forged in war.

The heroes of the third era returned sense and order to the pantheon the gods once again ascended to the divine plane in which they once resided the endless and the gods’ decided that humanity should be given a light to protect against the darkness of the newly exalted dark gods, the amber heart a monument to the heroes of the old age guided the soldiers and guardians of the valkrine empire which had been intuined with an endless war with giants to the east, humanity is both man and monster and soon after the races and religions fractured fighting for dominance over the amber hearts power, legions of gold clad warriors wield swords of fire fought the evil and good alike , the power could never be left to one man or monarchy however just it may be.

The gods knew of the land and the sky, but not the underdark. Races emerged from below the ground some good and some bad . bringing monsters and gods. the red men of the desert where the first to meet the citizens of the stone, not much is known ,there culture is very different from that of the topsiders.
The legion saw this is an important and frightful thing. the main question asked by the old and young was why out of the thousands of years of the past 5 eras the under darklings would only rise now? while their focus was turned to the ground and what may arise from there . the legion forgot of the extraplanar and terrian forces that truly may cause threat to the amber heart setting outposts and army under the earth
As every cave was alight with the fire gifted from the endless, the swords where quickly recalled to the ground as forces of darkness marched across the desert to destroy the mountain fortress that had held the peace for an entire era.
Dragons and divine beings , human and dwarfs alike died from the onslaught more than had died in the dragon wars of the first era of man! And the gem stolen , soon after funding and men did not honour the call to hold the legions banners and so our adveture begins with an order in disorder.
The adevnturers sat around the bearded gnome. young and learning the different teachings of the legion this had been 7 years of hell . even more for some! The angel was the thing that all legionaries remember there old life seemed unimportant some of the adventures sat in this group had returned home and met family and friends, some stayed their own and fought wearing the Armour passed down from the golden era and some had fallen from the grace of the legion, only after the age of 11 where they given any amount of freedom some reveres and some condemned this freedom, to each his own. To your knowledge the order had been disbanded as so, but you where well informed of the stories of the day after being let free from your bound duty to the legion you return once more for the most important thing of your life regardless of your adolescent experiences “shall we begin?” Master mawin the scribe said in his calm and familiar voice, “this is a herculean task that will bring unity to our lands and fire to the dark! But first I must ask, what do you know of dragons my child?” He finishes with a sly smile piercing from under his hood

This campaign will take place above ground and in underground city’s and depending on what people like we can start at lvl 3 (you trained in the legion after all for 7 years regardless) there are extra races and enemies that are being incorporated into this this from the other books, as well as extra weapons and equiptment

The Amber Heart